Pioneer35A 4×4 Forklift Has Been Delivered to El Salvador

On February 29, 2024, the Kaystar Pioneer35A four-wheel drive forklift(Kaida CPCY35 4×4 lifttruck)was delivered to the customer in El Salvador. The picture was taken in El Salvador. This is a multi-purpose four-wheel drive all-terrain fork...



Where can I buy a 5-ton 4wd forklift,Kaystar LT50Pro rough terrain fork truck for sale

Where can I buy a 5-ton 4wd forklift,Kaystar LT50Pro rough terrain fork truck for sale Kaystar Land Tiger-50Pro 4WD Rough Terrain Forklift This is a 4WD off-road forklift with a rated load of 5 tons. It adopts full-time four-wheel drive mo...



The 4WD rough terrain forklift is equipped with accessories for hoisting and high-altitude operation

fly jib and work platform for kaystar rough terrain forklift Kaystar land tiger 35,3.5-ton rough terrain forklift with fly jib and work platform. The boom can be extended and retracted up to 7 meters. The forklift can work on uneven road...



Maintenance of 4WD rough terrain forklift,how to select and replace hydraulic oil?

When daily using 4WD off-road forklift, we must often check the cleanliness of hydraulic oil. Only in this way can we greatly reduce the occurrence of faults and prolong the service life of hydraulic system. For the newly delivered 4WD off-roa...



Why is the hydraulic oil temperature too high for 4WD rough terrain forklift?

On 4WD off-road forklift, hydraulic oil not only plays an important role in transmitting power, but also plays other important roles such as lubrication, and the temperature of hydraulic oil directly affects the working performance of loader. Now...



Change the brake oil regularly for 4WD rough terrain forklift

Brake oil is not actually oil. Its scientific name is synthetic brake fluid, which is referred to as brake oil for short. The main components are diethylene glycol + ether + anti-corrosion agent, detergent and other components. The corrosion requ...



Kaystar heavy industry customized 4WD rough terrain forklift for customers in Inner Mongolia

Kaystar small rough terrain forklift Customized 4WD rough terrain forklift for Inner Mongolia customer,Rated load 3.5t, with a maximum lifting height of 4m, solid tire, rear wheel steering and customized fork. Good maintenance is conducive ...



Inspection items before you drive 4WD rough terrain forklift

4WD rough terrain forklift is an engineering vehicle that can safely load, unload, stack and transfer on slopes and uneven ground ,Or replace various accessories to improve operation efficiency. What should we pay attention to before using 4WD ro...