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Inspection items before you drive 4WD rough terrain forklift

4WD rough terrain forklift is an engineering vehicle that can safely load, unload, stack and transfer on slopes and uneven ground ,Or replace various accessories to improve operation efficiency. What should we pay attention to before using 4WD rough terrain forklift?

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  1. Check whether the electrical connectors, wiring and lighting are intact and firm, and whether the electrical equipment and signals are normal; Whether the liquid level and specific gravity of the battery meet the requirements; Whether the air pressure of front and rear tires meets the requirements, and remove stones and inclusions embedded in the tread.
  1. Check whether the fastening bolts and nuts are loose.
  2. Before driving rough terrain forklift, check whether the water in the radiator is full;
  3. Whether the oil level of the engine oil is within the scale range of the oil dipstick;
  4. Before driving, idle the engine for about 5min after starting, and allow full load operation when the water temperature rises above 60 ℃; During idling, the reading of each instrument shall be checked.
  1. Before driving, the braking system shall be carefully checked and must be sensitive and reliable, otherwise it shall be adjusted.
  2. Check whether the free travel of clutch pedal and foot brake pedal is normal and whether the braking is flexible and reliable.
  3. Check the pipelines and joints of all systems of 4WD off-road forklift for damage, looseness, oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, etc.

The above are the precautions before the use of 4WD off-road forklift. Don't forget the cleaning of rough terrain forklift after use. There are many reasons for forklift failure Steps, dust and other long-term non removal will also lead to the occurrence of some small faults, so it is also necessary to clean it during preventive maintenance.