Professional Rough Terrain Forklift Manufacturer|3ton-10ton 4WD Forklift|Loader China Kaystar Heavy Industry is a professional manufacturer of 4WD rough terrain forklift trucks,Supply of 3-10ton small all terrain forklifts,attachments,parts and OEM services.

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Kaystar Heavy Industry

Kaystar(KAIDA) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Laizhou City, Shandong Province,China. Kaystar(KAIDA) heavy industry factory Founded in 1999, the company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of 4WD forklift and rough terrain forklift. Its products and services are in a leading position in the industry. Kaystar all-terrain forklift factory The rough terrain forklift series mainly include: Pioneer-30,Pioneer-35, Pioneer-40,Pioneer-50,Land Tiger-30,Land tiger-35,Land tiger-40,Land tiger-50 rough terrain forklifts, etc. Kaystar rough terrain forklifts adopts full-time four-wheel drive,which greatly increases the power of the forklift. It can be used on uneven ground such as mud, fields, and mountains. It is a construction vehicle for safe and eff……



    Kaystar rough terrain forklift is widely used in China, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. With leading technology and reliable products, it has won the recognition of customers all over the world. It has won the title of “consumer satisfied products and quality trustworthy products” for many consecutive years. In 2006, it passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification and obtained the production license of special equipment of the people‘s Republic of China.


China-made 3.5-ton off-road forklift engine lubricating oil filter and diesel filter

China-made 3.5-ton off-road forklift engine lubricating oil filter and diesel filter

Suitable for China-made Quanchai 493(V27) and Quanchai 495(V28) National IV emission EFI engines. engine lubricating oil filter :490B-32000 zhejiang xinchai co.,LTD. diesel filter:4D27G31-24120 zhejiang xinchai co.,LTD. Please contact us. Wechat WhatsApp +8618660028237 Email: derick.cho...



Air Filter Element For KDJY35&HY35&LT35

1532 air filter, length 40 cm, diameter 19.5 cm. The interface diameter is 6.5 cm.Suitable for small loaders and...



Chinese small loader articulated steering bearing for sale

LSGE30ES 30x47x22x18 Nylon sleeve, outer diameter 4cm, inner diameter 3cm. Spherical bearing/sleeve...



Common brake failure cases in winter|Forklift|Loader

Load/Forklift Air storage tank The picture above shows the air tank (high pressure air) of a loader forklift.It i...