Small Telehandler Provider -A very popular construction machinery

Small Telehandler -A very popular construction machinery This small telehandler is produced by our partner, which is a factory specializing in the production of utility loaders and telescopic loaders.Their factory is near the kaystar factory. ...



Telescopic boom-Small rough terrain forklift attachment

Telescopic boom-Small rough terrain forklift attachment The picture is a kaystar articulated 5 ton small rough terrain forklift. It is fitted with a simple jib (fly jib) This is a two-stage telescopic boom with a maximum length of 3-4 meter...



All-terrain mobile crane- Modification of 4WD forklift

All-terrain mobile crane-3.5t 4x4 forklift This mobile crane is refitted from Pioneer 35 small off-road forklift.In the modification plant, we use the lifting arm to replace the balance weight of the forklift.It has the functions of crane and ...