All-terrain mobile crane- Modification of 4WD forklift,China KAIDA factory provides you with multi-purpose four-wheel drive forklift modification solutions. This is a small four-wheel drive crane.

All-terrain mobile crane- Modification of 4WD forklift

All-terrain mobile crane- Modification of 4WD forklift
All-terrain mobile crane-3.5t 4x4 forklift

This mobile crane is refitted from Pioneer 35 small off-road forklift.In the modification plant, we use the lifting arm to replace the balance weight of the forklift.It has the functions of crane and forklift at the same time. The integrated body makes it more stable in the field.

After refitting, its static height reached 2.9 meters.The length of the forklift body reaches 4.8 meters.

The forklift is equipped with two masts with a maximum lifting height of 3 meters. For detailed forklift parameters, please refer to the specification of Pioneer35 forklift.

china 4wd forklift crane boom,with basket
All-terrain mobile crane-CPCY35 4wd forklift

This is a four-stage 11m boom with a maximum extension of 11m. The maximum load is 5 tons.The lifting arm is equipped with a winch and a working platform.When the boom is fully extended, hundreds of kilograms of heavy objects can be lifted.

china 4wd forklift jib boom,with basket
All-terrain mobile crane-Pionner35 4wd forklift

Five auxiliary outriggers, when using the crane function.These outriggers can be retracted into the forklift body.They all use hydraulic control, so a forklift becomes a crane.

This is just an example. We can modify all forklifts based on the Pioneer series, and the boom can also be customized in length. (The safety boom is within 13 meters)

The 11.08m long boom is assembled on Kaystar CPCY45 4.5t rough terrain forklift

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Telescopic boom-Small rough terrain forklift attachment

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Small Telehandler Provider -A very popular construction machinery

Four-wheel drive forklift customized by Kaystar factory