3.5 Tons Articulated Four Wheel Drive Forklift Maintenance Information

This information is applicable to all models of Kaystar 3.5 tons articulated four-wheel drive forklift, including Landtiger30, Landtiger35, and landtiger35Pro. 1.It takes 4.5 liters to change the engine oil. 2.Wheel reduction axle:Gear ...



How to Install and Use Outdoor Forklift Air Conditioners: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Add Air-Conditioning to Your Landtiger35Pro Four-Wheel Drive Forklift Kaystar Pioneer35A outdoor forklift specification Outdoor forklift air conditioners are devices that provide comfortable temperature and ai...



Introduction to the Hydraulic System of Kaystar Articulated Four-wheel Drive Forklift

Loader(Kaystar articulated four-wheel drive forklift) single-lever operation mechanical handle, multi-valve hydraulic control box. It is a hydraulic system component used to control the actions of various mechanisms of the loader.Single...



Maintenance of 4WD rough terrain forklift,how to select and replace hydraulic oil?

When daily using 4WD off-road forklift, we must often check the cleanliness of hydraulic oil. Only in this way can we greatly reduce the occurrence of faults and prolong the service life of hydraulic system. For the newly delivered 4WD off-roa...



Change the brake oil regularly for 4WD rough terrain forklift

Brake oil is not actually oil. Its scientific name is synthetic brake fluid, which is referred to as brake oil for short. The main components are diethylene glycol + ether + anti-corrosion agent, detergent and other components. The corrosion requ...