Kaystar articulated outdoor all-terrain forklift: an efficient handling tool suitable for various complex terrains

Articulated Outdoor All-terrain Forklift: An Efficient Handling Tool

A red Kaystar articulated outdoor all-terrain forklift with a flat clamp on the front and a 3-level free-lifting mast on the back. There is the Kaystar logo on the body, and the Kaystar factory is in the background.

If you are looking for a forklift that can move goods efficiently on a variety of difficult terrains, the Kaystar articulated outdoor all-terrain forklift may be your best choice. This forklift is an innovative product launched by the Kaystar brand made in China, with the following features and advantages:

  • Articulated design: This forklift adopts an articulated design, which allows the front and rear wheels to turn independently, improving the flexibility and stability of the forklift. It can turn flexibly in narrow or tortuous spaces and adapt to various uneven or changeable conditions. Pavement .
  • Outdoor all-terrain performance: This forklift is equipped with special high-tread tires, which increase the friction and grip with the ground, and can drive on various complex road conditions such as mud, sand, gravel, and snow. At the same time, this forklift is also equipped with a closed cab to protect the driver from harsh environments such as wind, rain, cold, heat, and dust.
  • 3 stage free-lifting mast: This forklift has a 3 stage free-lifting mast with a maximum lifting height of 4.2 meters, which can meet the handling needs of different heights. In addition, this forklift also has good front and rear visibility and tilt functions, making it easier for the driver to observe the goods and adjust the posture.
  • Flat clamp: This forklift is also equipped with a flat clamp, which can clamp irregularly shaped or non-palletized goods, such as cartons, furniture, wood, etc. The flat clamp can adjust the opening and closing angle and clamping force of the splint according to the size and shape of the goods, achieving safe and stable handling and stacking of goods.

A forklift clamp is a type of forklift attachment that is used to grip irregularly shaped or palletless loads, usually consisting of two symmetrical clamps, a hydraulic cylinder and a control valve. The clamp can adjust the opening angle and clamping force of the clamps according to the size and shape of the load, achieving safe and stable handling and stacking. There are various types of clamps, suitable for different industries and situations, such as:

  • Carton clamps: used to grip cartons, cardboard, furniture and other soft-packaged or easily deformed loads. The surface of the clamps usually has rubber pads or other anti-slip materials to increase friction and protect the load.
  • Drum clamps: used to grip barrel or cylindrical loads, such as oil drums, chemical drums, paper rolls, etc. The surface of the clamps usually has grooves or hooks to fit the curvature of the load .
  • Brick clamps: used to grip bricks, tiles, cement products and other building materials. The surface of the clamps usually has tooth-shaped or smooth metal plates to increase grip.
  • Multi-purpose flat clamps: used to grip various shapes and sizes of loads, such as wood, steel, plastic, etc. The surface of the clamps is usually flat metal plates that can be replaced with different attachments as needed.

This forklift is suitable for a variety of occasions and industries, such as docks, warehouses, construction sites, farms, lumber mills, etc., which can improve handling efficiency and reduce costs. The price and after-sales service of this forklift are also very competitive. The Kaystar brand has multiple sales and service outlets in China, which can provide customers with timely consultation, ordering, repair, maintenance and other services.

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