Meet the Kaystar Landtiger35: A Customized Off-Road Forklift for Tough Terrain

Meet the Kaystar Landtiger35: A Customized Off-Road Forklift for Tough Terrain

A photo of a red Kaystar Landtiger35 customized off-road forklift with a cylindrical clamp and pusher attachment parked on a concrete floor in front of a warehouse. The photo shows the side view of the forklift, with its mast lowered and its clamp empty. The photo also shows the logo of Kaystar on the side of the forklift and on its tire. The photo has a caption that reads: “Meet the Kaystar Landtiger35: A Customized Off-Road Forklift for Tough Terrain”.

If you are looking for a forklift that can handle any terrain, you might want to check out the Kaystar Landtiger35. This is a customized off-road forklift made by a Chinese four-wheel drive forklift factory for their customer. It has a rated load of 3500kg and a 3-stage free lifting mast that can reach up to 4.2 meters.

The Kaystar Landtiger35, which is a versatile and rugged 4WD all-terrain forklift designed to tackle challenging work environments. It has a powerful diesel engine, a durable chassis, and a comfortable enclosed cabin. It also has an upgraded two-stage mast lift that can reach up to 4.5 meters and an upper grip that can secure the goods firmly.

However, what makes the Kaystar Landtiger35 special is that it has a unique forklift attachment, a cylindrical clamp and pusher, that is designed to meet the needs of Chinese farmers who transport and load corn. The clamp can grab and hold the corn stalks tightly, while the pusher can eject them easily. This attachment allows the farmers to handle the corn more efficiently and safely.

Another feature of the Kaystar Landtiger35 is that it has a fully enclosed cab and a low static height of 2.22 meters. This means that the forklift can work in all weather conditions and enter underground garages without any problem.

The Kaystar Landtiger35 is a customized off-road forklift that can do it all. Whether it’s on rough terrain, steep slopes, or slippery surfaces, this forklift can handle any challenge with ease and safety. It is also tailored to suit the specific needs of its customer, who is a farmer in China. With its innovative attachment and its flexible mast lift, this forklift can transport and load corn more effectively and conveniently.

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