How to Customize Your Off-Road Forklift with Kaystar Landtiger35Pro

How to Customize Your Off-Road Forklift with Kaystar Landtiger35Pro

A photo of two Kaystar Landtiger35Pro off-road forklifts with customized features being loaded on a transport truck in a Chinese factory.
On-site pictures of Kaystar four-wheel drive outdoor forklift delivery
Pictures of Kaida KDJY35 rough terrain forklift in China

The Kaystar Landtiger35Pro is a 3.5-ton articulated small four-wheel drive off-road forklift that can be customized according to the customer’s needs. It is an upgraded version of the Kaystar Landtiger35, with more features and functions. It has the following characteristics:

  • It has a two-stage lifting 4-meter mast, which can lift heavy loads to a higher height and improve the working efficiency.
  • It has high tread off-road pneumatic tires, which can provide better grip and traction on rough terrain and reduce the vibration and noise.
  • It has a side shifter, which can move the load horizontally and adjust the position of the forks without changing the direction of the forklift.
  • It has a powerful engine and a hydraulic transmission system, which can deliver smooth and stable operation and strong performance.
  • It has a comfortable cab with air conditioning, heater, radio, LCD display, and a reversing camera, which can enhance the driver’s comfort and safety.

The Kaystar Landtiger35Pro is a versatile and reliable machine that can handle various tasks in different environments. It is suitable for construction sites, farms, mines, warehouses, and other places where conventional forklifts cannot work. If you want to know more about the Kaystar Landtiger35Pro or other off-road forklifts, you can visit our official website or watch our YouTube videos .

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