How a Loader (Articulated Outdoor Forklift) Brake Pump Works and Why It Matters

How a Loader (Articulated Outdoor Forklift) Brake Pump Works and Why It Matters

China 4wd all-terrain off-road forklift trucks Brake Pump

A loader (articulated outdoor forklift) brake pump is a hydraulic pump that provides brake hydraulic oil to the loader. It is driven by high-pressure air generated by the engine’s high-pressure air pump. The output oil pressure of the loader brake pump is proportional to the amount of high-pressure air delivered, and the brake pedal controls the output of high-pressure air. The more brake pedal, the faster the braking, and vice versa. The output oil of the loader brake pump is delivered to the front and rear axle brake actuators through pipes and valves, achieving the loader’s driving brake and parking brake.

The structure of the loader brake pump generally consists of a pump body, a piston, a spring, a bypass valve, an inlet and outlet port, etc. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the high-pressure air pushes the master pump piston forward, closing the bypass valve, and pressing the oil in the tank into the pipeline. When the driver releases the brake pedal, the master pump piston retracts, opening the bypass valve, and returning the excess oil to the tank. The function of the bypass valve is to keep the pressure of the brake system within a certain range, avoiding too high or too low.

The working principle of the loader brake pump is similar to that of a car brake pump, but because of the different working conditions and braking requirements of the loader (articulated outdoor forklift), the structure and parameters of the loader brake pump are also different. The loader brake pump generally adopts a dual-circuit design, that is, each of the front and rear axles has an independent braking system, which improves the reliability and safety of braking. The loader brake pump also needs to be checked and maintained regularly, keeping the oil clean and sufficient, preventing air leakage and blockage.

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