Carrying capacity curve of Kaystar Pioneer35A four-wheel drive rough terrain forklift

Carrying capacity curve of Kaystar Pioneer35A four-wheel drive rough terrain forklift

compact 3.5t rough terrain forklift 4wd off-road

The load capacity curve of the Kaystar Pioneer35A 4x4 forklift is calculated based on the rated load capacity and height of the forklift. In general, Kaystar forklift manufacturer provides corresponding data.

The following are the general steps for calculating a forklift capacity curve:

  • Determine the rated capacity of your forklift: The rated capacity is the maximum weight that a forklift can safely lift and carry under standard conditions. This can usually be found on the forklift's spec sheet or product manual.
  • Obtain lift height data: record the rated load capacity of the forklift at different height positions. Typically, data is collected at a specific height interval, such as every 0.5 meters or every 1 meter.
  • Draw a graph: Using the acquired load capacity and height data, a forklift load capacity curve can be drawn. The horizontal axis represents the height of the forklift, and the vertical axis represents the rated carrying capacity of the forklift. Based on the data points, the corresponding points are plotted on the coordinate system and the points are connected using a smooth curve.
  • Identify other limiting factors: In addition to load capacity, the rated load capacity of a forklift is also related to other factors, such as fork length, caster angle, forward speed, etc. You can identify these limiting factors on the graph so that operators can comply with the requirements when using the forklift.

It should be noted that the carrying capacity curve is calculated based on the design and specifications of the forklift, and other factors should also be considered in actual work, such as the stability of the cargo, the stability of the forklift, and the working environment. When using forklifts, operators should always abide by safe operating procedures to ensure the safety of goods and operators.

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