How to maintain the engine of 4WD all terrain forklift in summer?

How to maintain the engine of 4WD all terrain forklift in summer?

maintain the engine of 4WD all terrain forklift in summer
How to maintain the engine of 4WD all terrain forklift in summer?

We need to regularly maintain our four-wheel rough terrain forklift according to the maintenance manual. What are the precautions when maintaining the engine of the off-road forklift in summer?

  1. The engine lubricating oil is easy to deteriorate in season and needs to be replaced in time

In summer, long-term working in high-temperature environment will cause the engine to transfer heat to the engine lubricating oil, making the oxidation resistance stability of the lubricating oil worse. Dust in dry air or moisture in humid air will enter the oil pan of the engine to pollute the lubricating oil, which will cause oxidation and deterioration of the lubricating oil.

The long-term use of poor or deteriorated lubricating oil for the engine may cause oil passage blockage and cause great loss to the engine.

Before using the vehicle, the quantity, color and smell of the engine lubricating oil must be checked. If the oil is found to be insufficient, blackened and burnt, it needs to be replaced in time. In addition, it is important to purchase qualified lubricating oil.

  1. The viscosity of engine lubricating oil shall be appropriate and cannot be wrong

The off-road forklift operator will find that the oil pressure is low when using the off-road forklift in summer. Some operators will change the engine lubricating oil with high viscosity in order to increase the oil pressure. However, although the oil pressure is increased at this time, the power of the forklift is obviously decreased. This is because the lubricating oil with high viscosity will increase the friction force, increase the oil consumption and waste energy. Moreover, when the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high, it will slow down the flow speed of the lubricating oil, cause the engine to overheat and increase the wear of the engine.

In summer, high viscosity lubricating oil can be properly selected for four-wheel drive forklift, but it should be properly selected instead of too high viscosity.

  1. Engine coolant cannot be replaced by water

The water will be corrosive and easy to produce scale, which will damage the cooling system. The antifreeze has anti-corrosion and anti rust functions and can protect the cooling system.

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