22 standard production processes of China kaystar heavy industry rough terrain forklift

22 standard production processes of China Kaystar Heavy Industry rough terrain forklift

22 standard production processes of kaystar heavy industry rough terrain forklift:

China Kaystar forklift factory manufacturing process
22 standard production processes of kaystar heavy industry rough terrain forklift
  1. Oil pipe: the oil pipe is a steel wire oil pipe produced by Qingdao Rubber sixth factory, which has high hardness and will not produce deformation. Three national standard clamps are used at the oil pipe interface to prevent oil leakage
  2. Screws; National standard screw with hardness of 8.8
  3. Sealing; Sealing quenching treatment, oxidation resistance, corrosion prevention and rust prevention
  4. Damping pad; The damping pad is a silicone double-layer rubber pad, which will not crack at high temperature and will not harden at low temperature
  5. Cab; Customized rubber plate frame cab with good sealing, low resonance and no noise
  6. Oil tank; The customized thickened oil tank is treated with acid pickling and phosphating, and the surface of the tank is sprayed with plastic
  7. Console; Standard LCD Meter, add timer
  8. Steering wheel; The steering wheel is made of polyester fiber, with high comfort
  9. Hydraulic oil valve, throttle and brake are all produced by large suppliers with guaranteed quality.
  10. Hydraulic pump; The original hydraulic pressure pump adopts 50 pumps and 316 pumps, and now adopts 1045 pumps and 25 pumps. The hydraulic flow is large when turning or lifting.
  11. The original diameter of the interface between the torque converter and the engine is 34 cm, but the current interface diameter is 38 cm, which has greater torque and stronger power
  12. Casing; The new casing is laser cut. The surface is shot blasted, pickled and Phosphated, which has better corrosion resistance. The top coat is plasticized, and the paint will not crack in three years under non-human circumstances
  13. Filter element; The standard three filters, especially the oil-gas filter element, have better dust prevention effect
  14. Car frame; With the national standard manganese steel double bending frame and laser cutting, there will be no deformation and tearing within the standard bearing range. With the swing frame, the full-time terrain 4WD walking can be realized, and the body is more stable and the operation is more comfortable
  15. Articulated; The thickness of hinged lifting seat is 35 for 3-3.5t and 40 for 4-5t
  16. Oil cylinder; The oil cylinder is a customized oil cylinder, the oil cylinder piston is a pure steel piston, and the oil seal is a customized high-pressure oil seal, which has better sealing performance
  17. The angle between the tipping cylinder and the frame is 25 degrees, the center of gravity of the force is moderate, and it is arranged in a right triangle with the door frame of the car body, which is more reliable
  18. Engine radiator; Taking 490 engine as an example, the heat dissipation effect of 4105 water tank is better
  19. The side shifter and fork teeth are all produced by large suppliers with guaranteed quality.
  20. The distribution valve is produced by large and powerful suppliers. The inlet and return oil are 27 threads with enlarged threads; The oil outlet is 22 threads, the oil inlet and return flow is large, the boom lifting speed is fast, and the cutting is stable, so there will be no blocking phenomenon.
  21. The air brake cylinder with multi-function interface can be used with small air cannon and emergency inflation

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