Comparison with Maximal rough terrain forklift,Kaystar 3.5ton 4wd

Comparison with Maximal rough terrain forklift,Kaystar 3.5ton 4wd

Kaystar 3.5ton 4wd

Overall Dimensions:

Maximal FD35-4WD 3081*1600*2330mm

Kaystar P35pro-4wd 3000*1500*2330mm

Weight (KG):

Maximal FD35-4WD 5455kg

Kaystar P35pro-4wd 6000kg

Travelling Speed

Maximal FD35-4wd 20km/h

Kaystar P35pro-4wd 22-25km/h

Maximum payload:

Maximal FD35-4wd 3500kg

Kaystar P35pro-4wd 3700kg

Drive mode

Maximal FD35-4wd Timely 4WD

Kaystar P35pro-4wd Full time 4WD

Kaystar 4wd rough terrain forklift advantages
1.High Quality Tyres
Industrial tyres with a wide footprint giving it greater stability and lift capacity in rough work environments.

2.High Ground Clearance
Offer greater maneuverability and keep the machine moving in the roughest of applications.

3.Wide-view mast
Wide-view mast provides excellent through the mast visibility improving the work efficiency and allowing safe operation of the forklift.

4.Strong Flexibility In Rough Terrain
Power shift transmission provides ultimate traction during inclement weather conditions and rough operating surface