Replace the gear oil for the drive axle and wheel reducer,What are the factors leading to the deterioration of gear oil?Maintenance method of drive axle and wheel reducer of 4WD rough terrain forklift.

Replace the gear oil for the drive axle and wheel reducer

The factors causing deterioration of gear oil are as follows:

(1) The iron filings and gear oil produced by wear during the use of parts have the effect of cleaning. Standard gear oil can reduce the noise caused by friction of parts. On the one hand, deteriorated gear oil will reduce the service life of parts and components, and will bring noise or abnormal noise in the process of use;

(2) The high temperature caused by long-term operation of the machine is dissipated and cooled by gear oil. If the oil becomes less and deteriorated, the service life of parts will be greatly reduced;

(3) Continuous operation in high temperature environment in summer will accelerate the deterioration of gear oil. Before the high temperature comes, check whether the hydraulic oil meets the standard to ensure the lasting operation of the vehicle.

The gear oil should be added into the front and rear drive axle packages and the four wheel reducers, and should be checked and added regularly. The lack of gear oil will cause serious wear and damage to the gears. There is a bolt at the bottom of the middle of the front drive axle and the rear drive axle. Remove it and the gear oil will flow out. Remember to put an oil bucket at the bottom to protect the environment! After draining the oil, install the bolt. There is a bolt in the middle of the circular shell in front of the front drive axle. Remove it. Add oil from the air and tighten the bolt. It's the same as the rear drive axle!!

Replace the gear oil for the drive axle and wheel reducer

The maintenance methods of drive axle and wheel reducer of 4WD rough terrain forklift are as follows:

  1. First, stop on a flat and firm road and check the surrounding environment to ensure safety within the working range;
  2. Start the vehicle, turn the direction indicated by the arrow on the wheel side upward, tighten the hand brake, unscrew the plug and drain the oil.
  3. After removing the plug (as shown in the figure), collect the waste oil in a spare barrel and properly handle it, and clean up the foreign matters on the plug. After draining, turn the tire and turn the direction of the arrow downward.
  4. Prepare to fill with new gear oil, GL-5 85W / 90 heavy-duty gear oil.
  5. Remove the observation port bolt and fill the oil until it overflows at the observation port.
  6. After the work is completed, stop the vehicle stably, tighten the hand brake, remove the oil drain plug (Figure) of the front and rear axles, drain the oil in the axle bag, collect it with a spare barrel and dispose of it properly. Clean the plug.
  7. Fill until the filler is flush. Tighten the plug.
  8. Wipe the oil spilled by the vehicle and clean the working environment. Complete the maintenance work.

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