Madagascar|Diesel forklift 4WD With 2.5M Fork Extensions

On February 1, 2024, a KDJY35 (Landtiger35) 3.5-ton four-wheel drive forklift was being loaded into a container. Workers are sealing the container.The trailer transports the containerized goods to Qingdao Port, which is also the closes...



Testing A New Product |10T Articulated Four-Wheel Drive Forklift

The first 10-ton four-wheel drive forklift In order to meet the needs of customers, Kaystar (kaida) company developed and produced a 10-ton four-wheel drive all-terrain forklift. Testing work is currently underway.What's going on in the pi...



How to load a 4 ton articulated 4×4 forklift into a container

This is an articulated four-wheel drive forklift exported to Australia.Its rated load is 4 tons.Let’s take a look at how workers at the forklift factory load this huge outdoor forklift into a container. 1.Because the cab of this forklift ...