Install a diesel heater for your outdoor forklift

Install a diesel heater for your outdoor forklift

A picture of an outdoor forklift with a diesel heater installed in the cabin. The diesel heater is a red box with a black label and a silver exhaust pipe. The forklift is parked on a snowy ground, and the cabin is warm and cozy.

Diesel heating is a device that uses diesel combustion for heating. It is mainly used on trucks to provide warmth to the cab when parking in winter. The principle of diesel heating is to suck the diesel from the fuel tank, send it to the combustion chamber and ignite it with the ignition plug, and then use a fan to send the hot air into the car. The advantages of wood heating are low fuel consumption, low cost and good heating effect, but it also has some disadvantages and risks.

The picture shows a 4-ton four-wheel drive forklift(Kaystar Landtiger40) equipped with a diesel heater.As a professional outdoor forklift manufacturer, we provide customers with different forklift configuration options to meet their outdoor forklift needs.

Before using the diesel heater, pay attention to check whether there are any problems with the oil circuit, circuit, and water circuit of the diesel heater. If the diesel heater has been left unused for a long time, the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of the diesel heater must be cleaned before use to avoid affecting the use effect. Also check whether the fuel is sufficient and whether the fuel in the oil system is compatible with the external environment. In addition, check whether the antifreeze is sufficient to prevent dry burning. Antifreeze suitable for the ambient temperature should be used in the wood heating circulation system.

Benefits of Diesel Heater for Forklift

A diesel heater can offer you many advantages when you use it for your outdoor forklift, such as:

  • It can heat up your forklift cabin quickly and evenly, keeping you warm and cozy.
  • It can save fuel and money, as it consumes less diesel than running the engine to heat the cabin.
  • It can reduce engine wear and tear, as it allows you to start the engine at a warmer temperature.
  • It can provide hot water for your forklift, which can be useful for cleaning or washing purposes.
  • It can improve your safety and health, as it reduces the risk of frostbite, hypothermia, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

During the use of diesel heater, you should pay attention to the working status of diesel heater. If there is any abnormal sound or smell, you should stop using it immediately and check the reason.

Safety Tips for Using Diesel Heater

Using a diesel heater for your outdoor forklift can improve your safety and health, but it also has some risks and drawbacks, such as exhaust emissions, carbon monoxide poisoning, illegal modification, etc. Therefore, you should follow some safety tips when using a diesel heater, such as:

  • Install a carbon monoxide detector and a fire extinguisher in your forklift cabin, to monitor and deal with any potential hazards.
  • Do not leave the diesel heater unattended, and turn it off when you leave the forklift or go to sleep.
  • Do not place any flammable or explosive materials near the diesel heater, and keep a safe distance from the heater and the exhaust pipe.
  • Do not modify the diesel heater without authorization, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and regulations.
  • Do not use low-quality or contaminated diesel fuel, and change the fuel filter regularly.

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