Kaystar Off-Road Forklifts Receive High Praise and Orders at CIAME 2023

Kaystar Off-Road Forklifts Receive High Praise and Orders at CIAME 2023

Customers order off-road forklifts at the exhibition site

The China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (CIAME) 2023, the largest and most influential agricultural machinery event in Asia, was held from October 26 to October 28 at the Wuhan International Expo Center. Among the thousands of exhibitors and products, Kaystar off-road forklifts stood out with their excellent performance and versatility.

Kaystar Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of four-wheel drive forklifts in China, displayed its latest models and innovations of off-road forklifts at the exhibition. The off-road forklifts, which include the Pioneer series and the Landtiger series, feature full-time four-wheel drive, Japanese engines, hydraulic transmissions, electronic locking differentials, suspension seats, and wide fork carriages. They also have various attachments, such as buckets, jibs, and clamps, that can be used for different purposes.

The off-road forklifts attracted a lot of attention and admiration from the visitors, who were able to test drive them on different surfaces and scenarios. Many customers were impressed by the power, stability, maneuverability, and comfort of the forklifts. They praised the forklifts for their ability to handle rough terrain and heavy loads with ease and safety.

According to Kaystar, off-road forklifts received many orders and inquiries from customers at the exhibition. The customers came from different countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe. They said that they needed off-road vehicles that could work in various industries, such as agriculture, construction, mining, forestry, and logistics.

The Kaystar factory manager expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the results of the exhibition. He said that Kaystar was always striving to innovate and improve its products to meet the needs of different markets. He said that Kaystar was looking forward to cooperating with more customers and expanding its business in the global market.