Inflatable Tire for Kaystar Landtiger Series Articulated Four-wheel Forklifts

Inflatable Tire for Kaystar Landtiger Series Articulated Four-wheel Forklifts

16/70-20 Inflatable Tire for 5ton rough terrain forklifts

An inflatable tire is a type of tire that uses compressed air to support the weight of a vehicle and provide traction and cushioning on different terrains. It is usually made of rubber and reinforced with fabric and steel cords, and has a tread pattern that enhances the grip and performance of the tire.

One of the applications of inflatable tires is in the Kaystar Landtiger series articulated four-wheel forklifts. These are heavy-duty forklifts that have a joint between the front and rear axles, which allows them to steer and maneuver in narrow spaces and rough terrains. They are suitable for loading and unloading materials in construction sites, mines, farms, warehouses, and other places.

The inflatable tire for these forklifts has a size of 16/70-20, which means it has a nominal section width of 16 inches, an aspect ratio of 70%, and a rim diameter of 20 inches. The tire has a load capacity of 4 to 5 tons, which matches the lifting capacity of the forklifts. The tire has a radial structure, which means the cords run perpendicular to the direction of travel, which improves the flexibility and durability of the tire. The tire has a tubeless design, which means it does not require an inner tube to hold the air pressure, which reduces the risk of punctures and leaks.

The inflatable tire for these forklifts has a special tread pattern that is designed to cope with various terrains and conditions. The tread pattern has large blocks that provide high traction and stability on soft and muddy surfaces. The tread pattern also has deep grooves that help to drain water and mud from the contact area, which improves the handling and braking performance on wet and slippery roads. The tread pattern also has sipes that create more biting edges on the blocks, which enhance the grip and control on snow and ice.

The inflatable tire for these forklifts is a high-quality product that meets the requirements and standards of the industry. It is manufactured by Kaystar, a leading company in the field of tires and rubber products. It is tested and certified by various authorities and organizations, such as ISO, DOT, ECE, CCC, etc.

An inflatable tire is an essential component in a vehicle system. It plays an important role in supporting the weight of the vehicle, providing traction and cushioning on different terrains, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of the operation. By choosing a suitable inflatable tire for these forklifts, one can improve the performance and service life of the vehicle.

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