Introducing the Kaystar Landtiger35Pro: A 4WD All-Terrain Forklift with Dual-Stage Mast and 4.5m Lift Height

Introducing the Kaystar Landtiger35Pro: A 4WD All-Terrain Forklift with Dual-Stage Mast and 4.5m Lift Height

Four-wheel drive all-terrain forklift with a maximum lift of 4.5 meters in two stages

The Kaystar Landtiger35Pro is a versatile and rugged 4WD all-terrain forklift designed to tackle challenging work environments. With its dual-stage mast and impressive lifting capacity, this forklift offers exceptional performance and reliability in various applications.

Featuring a two-stage mast, the Landtiger35Pro has a maximum lift height of 4.5 meters (14.8 feet), allowing it to handle elevated loads with ease. Whether you need to stack materials or reach high shelves, this forklift provides the necessary vertical reach for efficient operations.

Equipped with a side-shifter, the Landtiger35Pro offers enhanced maneuverability. The side-shift function enables operators to laterally adjust the forks, allowing precise positioning of loads without having to reposition the entire forklift. This promotes productivity and reduces the risk of damage to both the load and the surroundings.

To conquer rough terrains, the Landtiger35Pro is equipped with puncture-resistant off-road tires. These specialized tires provide excellent traction and durability even on uneven surfaces, ensuring optimal performance in outdoor applications such as construction sites, mining areas, and agricultural settings.

The 4WD capability of the Landtiger35Pro further enhances its versatility. It allows the forklift to navigate through challenging terrain, including mud, gravel, and uneven surfaces. With exceptional off-road capabilities, this forklift ensures efficient material handling in demanding environments.

In summary, the Kaystar Landtiger35Pro is a reliable and powerful 4WD all-terrain forklift with a dual-stage mast and a maximum lift height of 4.5 meters. Its side-shifter provides improved maneuverability, while the puncture-resistant off-road tires enable smooth operation on rough terrains. Whether it's in construction, mining, or agriculture, this forklift is built to deliver exceptional performance and tackle various challenging tasks effortlessly.