Robust Articulated 4WD Off-road Forklift – 5-ton Load Capacity

Robust Articulated 4WD Off-road Forklift – 5-ton Load Capacity

5t 3-meter maximum lifting height, 4wd forklfit-Kaystar Landtiger50(KDJY50)
Kaida 5Ton 2-stage mast, four wheedl drive forklfit-KDJY50

Introducing our robust and reliable yellow paint 5-ton load capacity articulated 4WD off-road forklift(Kaystar Landtiger50). Designed to tackle rugged terrains with ease, this forklift comes equipped with advanced features like an enclosed cab, a high-power diesel engine, a large wheel-end reduction axle, off-road tires (16/70-20), a 2-stage mast, a maximum lifting height of 3 meters, and a 2-meter wide fork carriage.

I. Versatile Performance: The yellow paint off-road forklift is built to handle challenging environments with remarkable efficiency and durability. Its superior capabilities enable it to maneuver through rough terrains, making it ideal for applications in construction sites, mining operations, forestry, and more.

II. Articulated and 4WD Design: With its articulated design, the forklift can navigate tight spaces and corners effortlessly. The 4WD system provides exceptional traction and stability, ensuring optimal performance even on uneven surfaces.

III. Enclosed Cab for Operator Comfort and Safety: The forklift features a spacious and ergonomic enclosed cab, providing a comfortable working environment for operators. The cab offers protection from external elements and enhances operator safety during operation.

IV. High-power Diesel Engine: Equipped with a high-power diesel engine, the 4WD forklift delivers outstanding performance and reliability. The engine provides ample power to handle heavy loads and maintains optimal efficiency even in demanding working conditions.

V. Large Wheel-end Reduction Axle and Off-road Tires: The forklift's large wheel-end reduction axle enhances traction and torque distribution, allowing it to conquer challenging terrains effortlessly. The tailored off-road tires (16/70-20) provide excellent grip, stability, and durability on rough surfaces.

VI. 2-stage Mast with 3-meter Maximum Lifting Height: The Kaystar forklift features a robust 2-stage mast design, offering stability and precise lifting capabilities. With a maximum lifting height of 3 meters, it enables efficient stacking and retrieval of goods at various heights.

VII. Wide Fork Carriage for Efficient Material Handling: Equipped with a 2-meter wide fork carriage, this forklift streamlines material handling operations by providing ample space for pallets, cargo, and other loads. The adjustable forks further enhance versatility and adaptability to different load sizes.

In conclusion, the Kaystar articulated 4WD off-road forklift with a 5-ton load capacity is a dependable and versatile solution for heavy-duty material handling in demanding environments. Its rugged construction, enclosed cab, high-power diesel engine, large wheel-end reduction axle, off-road tires, 2-stage mast, and 2-meter wide fork carriage make it an ideal choice for industries requiring reliable equipment that can excel in challenging conditions.

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