French Customer Nico Tests the Landtiger35Pro 4x4 Forklift at Kaystar Factory

French Customer Nico Tests the Landtiger35Pro 4×4 Forklift at Kaystar Factory

French Customer of kaystar 4x4 forklift factory

A French customer, Nico, recently visited the Kaystar factory in Shandong province, China, to test the Landtiger35Pro 4x4 forklift, the smallest articulated four-wheel forklift in the world. He was amazed by the features and performance of this forklift, which can handle heavy loads in tight spaces, with a high level of maneuverability and stability.

Nico said he was looking for a versatile and powerful forklift that can do various tasks on his construction site. He said he was impressed by how the Landtiger35Pro 4x4 forklift can lift, tilt, and rotate objects with ease, and how it can navigate through rough terrain and narrow aisles. He also said he liked the hydraulic articulated steering system and the diesel power of the forklift, which make it more reliable and durable.

Nico said he was satisfied with the service and support from Kaystar, a professional manufacturer of 4x4 rough terrain forklifts in China. He said he learned a lot from the Kaystar staff, who showed him how to operate and maintain the forklift. He also said he enjoyed the factory tour, where he saw other models and attachments of Kaystar forklifts.

Nico said he would definitely buy the Landtiger35Pro 4x4 forklift from Kaystar, and recommend it to his friends and colleagues who need a small but powerful machine for their work.