Customized four-wheel drive chassis for agricultural and construction machinery-Kaystar Factory,4x4 chassis for sale

Customized four-wheel drive chassis for agricultural and construction machinery-Kaystar Factory

Customized four-wheel drive chassis for agricultural and construction machinery

Kaystar is a company specializing in the production of four-wheel drive forklifts, with its own brand and various models of products. Our products are all self-developed, with high quality and high performance.
In addition to our own brand products, we also provide OEM customization services, which can provide customers with four-wheel drive agricultural machinery chassis and four-wheel drive construction machinery chassis. According to the needs and requirements of customers, we can provide personalized solutions and customize products that meet their needs and requirements.
In a word, Kaystar is a professional four-wheel drive forklift manufacturer, providing high-quality, high-performance products and customized services to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

Our outdoor forklift equipment adopts full-time four-wheel drive design, hydraulic torque converter and wheel reduction axle, equipped with high-horsepower diesel engine, and can be equipped with auxiliary driving system to realize partial automatic driving function.

This off-road forklift chassis has the characteristics of strong off-road capability, durability and reliability, easy maintenance, strong load and traction, and is suitable for refitting agricultural machinery, scientific research vehicles, construction machinery and military machinery on various complex terrains.

In addition to providing standard four-wheel drive engineering vehicle chassis, we can also provide customized services to meet your requirements for performance and external dimensions.

Scientific research institutions can use the chassis of the four-wheel drive off-road forklift as a carrier for scientific research and testing, and realize intelligent functions based on the chassis.

Welcome to contact us to OEM your four-wheel drive special vehicles, and customize all-terrain agricultural machinery and construction machinery you need.