Four-wheel drive tractor factory-kaystar's partner,Diesel tractor factory, can be customized production

Four-wheel drive tractor factory-kaystar’s partner

Four-wheel drive tractor factory-kaystar's partner

This is a very efficient tractor and it is a diesel 4WD tractor.This kind of four-wheel drive tractor is mainly used in construction sites, mountainous areas, farmland, grasslands, deserts and other environments, and is used to transport food, construction materials and other goods.
It is produced by our(Kaystar) cooperative factory, which can also provide customers with custom-made tractors of different sizes and loads.
The main products of this Kaystar cooperative factory include dump trucks(dumper), four-wheel drive tractors(4wd tractor), tricycles, etc. At the same time, professional vehicles such as sprinklers can be modified on the basis of these vehicles.

If you need this product or need to customize similar products, you can contact us.

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