How many kinds of outdoor forklifts are there, let's find out together?Can a forklift be used outside?What is an all-terrain forklift called?What are the types of all terrain forklift?How much is for an outdoor forklift?you will get the answer here.

How many kinds of outdoor forklifts are there, let’s find out together

outdoor forklifts
How many kinds of outdoor forklifts are there, let's find out together

Can a forklift be used outside?

Our common forklifts are used indoors, forklifts in warehouses. When we need to work outdoors, when we need to load, unload and carry heavy objects in farmland, mines, grasslands, deserts, construction sites and other environments, we need outdoor forklifts.

What is an all-terrain forklift called?

outdoor forklift,rough terrain forklift,4x4 forklift,4wd forklift,front end loader etc.

What are the types of all terrain forklift?

According to the driving mode, outdoor forklifts are divided into three types: two-wheel drive, full-time four-wheel drive, and part-time four-wheel drive.Their official name is rough terrain forklift.

According to the function of the forklift, it also includes the following three types of off-road forklifts.Straight Mast Rough Terrain Forklifts, Rough Terrain Telehandler Forklifts, Rough Terrain Rotating Telehandler Forklifts.

Finally, we can also distinguish according to the frame structure of off-road forklifts. They can be divided into two types: integrated off-road forklifts and articulated off-road forklifts.

How much is for an outdoor forklift?

Regarding the price issue, this needs to be based on different types of forklifts, such as articulated off-road forklifts, its price will be a little cheaper, the cheapest is a few thousand dollars, while the integrated one will be more expensive.
In addition, according to different brands, Chinese brands will be two-thirds cheaper than international brands.

Therefore, when we understand the price, we need to understand the brand, load, model, and other configurations first.So that we can get a perfect quotation.