How about Diken DK30 rough terrain forklift? Let's compare it to Pioneer30

How about Diken DK30 rough terrain forklift? Let’s compare it to Pioneer30

2Power typeDieselDiesel
3Rated capacity3000kg3000kg
4Load center500mm500mm
5Drive type4x4 full time4X2 or 4X4 part time
6Overall dimensions (Without fork)3300*1670*2300mm3300*1760*2420mm
7Self weight5500kg5550kg
7Ground clearance230mm320mm
8Min.turning radius 3000mm3800mm
9Max. gradeability35%40%
10Max. speed22km/h32km/h
12Transmission typeHydraulicHydraulic
13Engine power 58KW43kw
How about Diken DK30 forklift? Let's compare it to Pioneer30

We learned that the sales opportunity of diken forklifts in China is zero, and the four-wheel drive off-road forklifts produced are mainly sold overseas, and the sales volume is only a few hundred units per year. The kaystar off-road four-wheel drive forklift is the head company of China's off-road forklift, selling thousands of units every year. In contrast, kaystar has more mature technology and more experience in production and R&D. Let's compare these two 3-ton four-wheel drive off-road forklifts. The two-wheel drive mode adopted by the DK30, and the timely four-wheel drive mode, the off-road capability completely depends on the height of the chassis.On the muddy road, the height of the chassis does not solve the problem, and a strong four-wheel drive is more needed. And this is what kaystar is good at. Pioneer30 adopts full-time four-wheel drive mode and provides a more powerful engine. In terms of gearbox, DK30 pays more attention to speed, while Pioneer30 pays more attention to torque. The last is the appearance size and turning radius. The size of the DK30 off-road forklift is larger and the turning radius is larger. In addition to the rear-wheel steering mode, the kaystar pioneer30 can also provide a four-wheel steering mode, which greatly improves the flexibility of operation.

Kaystar pioneer30 3 ton 4x4 rough terrain forklift (Kaida CPCY30)