Boom( crane jib) is a device that installs a large arm similar to that used on the crane at the front end of the rough terrain forklift, so that the forklift has the function of small crane.

What is a rough terrain forklift boom?

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What is a forklift boom?

Forklift crane (flying boom crane) is a device that installs a large arm similar to that used on the crane at the front end of the rough terrain forklift, so that the forklift has the function of small crane.

This device has almost no special requirements for rough terrain forklifts. It can be installed from three ton rough terrain forklifts to 10 ton rough terrain forklifts. Our manufacturers will assemble various valves, operating levers, oil pipes and other supporting facilities for different types of forklifts. Users only need to connect their forklifts, and then connect quick connectors and oil pipes on the valves provided by the manufacturers, The power system of the forklift can drive the boom crane of the forklift to stretch or lift. The installation is very simple. Generally, it can be assembled in 20 to 50 minutes. The forklift driver can quickly master the operation of the boom of the rough terrain forklift.

Moreover, the rough terrain forklift boom crane can be equipped with a hanging basket in front, which can carry people and goods in the air within a distance of 6 ~ 10 meters. The forklift jib crane has specifications of 5.4m (Level 4), 6.6m (Level 5), 7.9m (Level 6), 9.3m (Level 7) and 10.5m (Level 7).

What are the requirements of forklift boom for forklift? That's the requirement for the rated load of the forklift. After all, unlike the truck crane, the forklift boom can add four legs to increase its lifting capacity, and there is a large counterweight behind the truck crane to increase its lifting capacity. The forklift boom is a fulcrum supported by its own weight to lift goods with different weights, Therefore, it is suggested that the smaller the rated load of the forklift, the shorter the forklift boom crane to be used. The heavier the forklift, the greater the rated load, and the longer boom can be used. For example, the 5.4m and 6.6m jib cranes are suitable to be installed on the forklift of about 3 tons, and the 7.9m jib crane is suitable to be installed on the jib crane of more than 5 tons.

What kind of work are forklift jib cranes applicable to?

First, high-altitude operation ability. When the boom of the forklift is extended, plus the lifting distance of the gantry of the forklift itself, the maximum height can reach 13m, generally up to four floors. Therefore, the forklift has the ability of working at height.

Second, planting trees. It can be said that forklifts and booms have become artifact of planting trees.

It can carry all kinds of saplings for short distance and frequent back and forth movement. This is a function that ordinary truck crane cannot have. The distance to plant seedlings that move frequently in a short distance. Forklifts and booms can do this, but cranes are more troublesome - get in and out of the legs, then move, then open the legs, and then lift. This is much more troublesome and inefficient. After installing the boom, the frequent short-distance movement of forklift is much higher than that of truck crane.

Third, after installing the street lamp work forklift and boom, the street lamp can be installed. If the hanging basket is added, the maintenance of street lamps is much more convenient than the heavy truck crane.

Fourth, road rescue generally refers to the use of forklift jib crane for rescue after small vehicles fall into the pit or roadside. In this case, the general forklift cannot do this, but our forklift is fully capable of adding the boom, there is no problem.

Fifth, the installation of some small billboards can be lifted by forklift, saving time, labor and money.

Sixth, the steel structure is generally narrow. The working place of steel structure is narrow and cranes cannot enter. Use the forklift boom to install the H-shaped steel structure, including the forklift boom for workshop driving.

In the seventh rural construction, some rural roads are particularly narrow. Now, although most rural areas in China are cement roads, the roads are generally very narrow. In this case, large cranes, including small and medium-sized cranes, may not be able to enter. What should we do if we need to work at height? At this time, our forklift crane has a place to use, because the original body of the forklift is relatively small. With a boom, this small body can easily enter the narrow roads in rural areas to complete the work.

The eighth is to build houses or small construction sites in rural areas, which is very suitable for forklift cranes. Forklifts and booms are more flexible and cost-effective than cranes. With drying and walking, you can often move. Unlike a crane, you can only work at one point.

Ninth, the general situation of air conditioning installation. Summer is the peak season for installing air conditioners. In the case of four floors high, the forklift boom crane can be completed, which is a good opportunity to make money.

The tenth pit pulling / placing equipment can lift the equipment on the boom of the forklift, and then take the forklift as the fulcrum to place or pull the equipment down from the pit. You can also extend the boom from the second floor to pull the goods up or place the equipment down, which is convenient and easy to use.

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