Bucket accessories for rough terrain forklift,kaystar heavy industry is a Rough terrain forklift privider.Bucket is an important accessory of 4WD off road forklift. It can be used in a wide range. It can realize multi-function and turn the forklift into a loader.

Bucket accessorie for rough terrain forklift

KDJY35(Landtiger35) off road lift truck  with bucket
Bucket accessorie for rough terrain forklift

Bucket is easy to install and uninstall. After the rough Terran forklift is loaded with a bucket, it can be used to shovel snow. It can be used to shovel sand, garbage, concrete, etc. Make the forklift with the function of loader.
It is a true off road forklift with full power, large horsepower, small turning radius, the same size as two-wheel drive, and the perfect conversion between two-wheel and four-wheel drive.

Kaystar introduces four-wheel drive forklift, which has novel appearance, compact body, convenient and convenient operation, high horsepower, mud floor, four-wheel drive, and can work under complex road conditions.

High – altitude work , rough Terran forklift solution, It can run on muddy road , also it can go over the mountains.

Kaystar factory specializes in the production of four-wheel drive off road forklift, forklift brick forklift plate four-wheel drive forklift building materials four-wheel drive off road forklift mountain forklift multi-function forklift, and other series off road four-wheel drive forklift products.
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