Kaystar heavy industry customized 4WD road and railway dual-purpose trailer for customers

Small equipment and large energy ——road railway dual-purpose tractor

Kaystar Four-wheel drive chassis train tractor

The current society is a changeable era. Technological innovation is changing with each passing day, the economy is developing rapidly, and people's lives have also changed greatly. For the dual-purpose tractor of highway and railway, it is welcomed by customers with the continuous development of railway. From traditional railway locomotives to new-type dual-purpose vehicles. Today, let's enter this period of time and enjoy those tractor models that show style together.

The earlier locomotive was steam locomotive. Later, it was gradually replaced by electric locomotive and diesel locomotive due to the disadvantages of large maintenance and repair, serious pollution and short daily running mileage. However, the traditional locomotive can only run on the railway. For enterprises with multiple railway lines, the shunting operation time will be too long and the on-site operation efficiency will be low. Therefore, customers are gradually inclined to the dual-purpose tractor that can run on the railway and short distance on the highway. This kind of locomotive can carry out two-way traction, the steering operation can not go through the turnout, the highway and railway conversion is convenient, the performance is reliable and the operation is safe.

The real challenge is often in a harsh environment. The works used in railway mines are generally carried out outdoors, so it is impossible without a tractor with high reliability. Kaystar heavy industry can carry out customized production according to customer needs, and generally can customize tractors of any tonnage within 5000 tons. The dual-purpose vehicle can be widely used in railway special lines such as electric power metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, ports, logistics and small freight yards, as well as the production and construction enterprises of railway stations, locomotive depots, motor car depots, subway and engineering bureaus.

It is widely used in railway special lines such as electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, ports, logistics and small freight yards, as well as the production and construction enterprises of railway stations and depots, locomotive depots, motor car depots, subways and engineering bureaus. It is a substitute product for locomotives, traction vehicles, iron cattle and other traction equipment. The tractor has obvious advantages in price, configuration and parameters. It can realize arbitrary traction of different tonnage below 300 tons, and can accept customized production according to user needs.

Advantages and characteristics

  1. Long service life, more than 10 years;
  2. No garage, no occupation of operation site and railway line.
  3. High cost performance, energy saving, environmental protection and noise reduction.
  4. Unique technology, high traction at low speed;
  5. Simple operation and low labor intensity. A slightly trained driver can operate independently;
  6. Two way traction, steering operation can not pass through the turnout;
  7. Simple maintenance and low failure rate;
  8. Flexible, convenient highway and railway conversion, fast shunting operation time, and reduce the delayed use fee of freight cars;

system configuration

  1. Cooling and heating air conditioning system
  2. Emergency braking device
  3. Traffic monitoring system
  4. Engine exhaust re purification system
  5. Anti dropping system.

For most people, the internal combustion model is a well-known model. How much do you know about the road railway dual-purpose tractor? Let's take Changchun's customers as an example.

Zhu Zong, who is in charge of Changchun metro project, has very high requirements for noise reduction standards of construction equipment in view of the large number of surrounding residential areas, and the working conditions of the project are also strict for emission requirements. Therefore, it is decided to customize the road railway dual-purpose tractor. This model is a tractor that can be used for shunting operations in different fields such as railway, public transportation and industrial maintenance, and its performance advantages have also been recognized by customers.