All-Terrain Forklifts: The Ultimate Solution for Challenging Work Environments

Kaystar Pioneer35A Compact 4x4 Forklift(construction site machinery) If you are working in a construction site, you know how demanding and unpredictable the work environment can be. You need a forklift that can handle rough terrain, heavy lo...



Can I install a heater for the Kaystar four-wheel drive all terrain forklift?

Can Kaystar outdoor rough terrain forklift install a heater? Yes, our forklifts can be fitted with heaters to increase the temperature in the workplace and increase the comfort and safety of the workers. However, the installation of the heater...



Pioneer35A-4×4 four-wheel drive forklift|Mexico

Pioneer35A-4x4 four-wheel drive forklift|Mexico This is a four-wheel drive forklift customized by a Chinese company (Kaystar 4wd forklift). It is designed for a photovoltaic power plant construction project in Mexico. This all-terrain outdo...



LandTiger50Pro(KDJY50) 4×4 rough terrain outdoor forklift handler-5Ton

Kaystar LandTiger50Pro(KDJY50) 5t 4x4 rough terrain outdoor forklift handler Kaystar 5 tons articulated four-wheel drive all-terrain forklift truck This is an articulated four-wheel drive outdoor forklift released by Kaystar four-wheel driv...



1Ton Dumper&1.5Ton Dumper manufacturer direct sale

Diesel dump truck is a kind of construction machinery. In engineering construction, as an important logistics equipment, dump trucks are mainly used to transport bulk materials or liquid materials, such as sand, stone, cement, concrete, coal, ore...



Four-wheel drive tractor factory-Kaystar’s partner

Four-wheel drive tractor factory-Kaystar's partner This is a very efficient tractor and it is a diesel 4WD tractor.This kind of four-wheel drive tractor is mainly used in construction sites, mountainous areas, farmland, grasslands, deserts and...



Cab picture of articulated 3.5 tons small outdoor handling forklift-LandTiger35

Cab picture of articulated 3.5 tons small outdoor handling forklift-LandTiger35 (KDJY35) Cab picture of articulated 3.5 tons small outdoor handling forklift-LandTiger35 (KDJY35) This is a standard enclosed cab for Kaystar LT35(KDJY35)...



Compare Kaystar’s three 3.5-ton articulated small outdoor forklifts

Kaystar is the best rough terrain forklift brand. It has two series of LandTiger and Pioneer. Among them, there are many models of all-terrain forklifts with a load of 3.5 tons. At present, the Kaystar factory provides three 3.5-ton articulate...



Pioneer series small rough terrain forklift standard off-road tires

Pioneer series small rough terrain forklift standard off-road tires In the Pioneer series, off-road forklifts of 5 tons and above(6t rough terrain forklift&7t rough terrain forklift) are equipped with solid tires as standard. The tires i...



Free air off-road forklift tires-solid tire

Free air off-road forklift tires-solid tire The optional configuration of the Kaystar small off-road forklift - solid tires, which are made of special solid rubber, and the middle interlayer contains nylon and steel wire.It has the characteris...



LandTiger35Pro Small Four-Wheel Drive Forklift Gearbox

Small rough terrain 4x4 forklift gearbox Hydraulic Torque Converter for Kaystar Four Wheel Drive Forklift You can learn about torque converters for Kaystar LandTiger35P(KDJY35)small off-road forklifts by visiting the link above. Let's le...



Kaystar Pioneer40(CPCY40) Multifunctional off-road forklift

Kaystar Pioneer40(CPCY40) Multifunctional off-road forklift This is a four-wheel drive off-road forklift customized by the customer. Its model is Pioneer40 (CPCY40), and the manufacturer is Shandong kaystar Heavy Industry. This Pioneer40 sm...



LandTiger50(KDJY50) Articulated 4WD forklift Customized model

LandTiger50(KDJY50) Articulated 4WD forklift Customized model This is a 4WD all-terrain forklift with a rated load of 5 tons. It is designed with an articulated body. It is equipped with a Chinese-made diesel four-cylinder engine. The output p...



Kaystar passed ISO9001 certification

The Kaystar company first passed ISO9001 certification in 2001.In line with the purpose of providing high-quality products for customer service, we constantly improve the production process and improve the management level. More certificat...



Hot rolled forklift mast U-steel Product Description

A forklift mast is a vertical structure that is attached to the front of a forklift. It is used to support the load that is being lifted by the forklift, and it typically has several stages of telescoping sections that can be raised and lowered t...



Diesel all-terrain forklift engine:What kind of engine does an RT forklift use

Diesel all-terrain forklift engine Off-road forklifts are heavy-duty industrial vehicles that are designed for use in rough terrain and challenging environments. While some all-terrain forklifts may use diesel engines, this is not always the c...



All terrain counterbalance forklift,2023 CPCY35 4wd rough terrain forklift

All terrain counterbalance forklift,CPCY 4x4 4wd forklift Counterbalanced forklift, there is a heavy cast iron block at the rear of this type of forklift, which is used as a balance weight when the vehicle forks goods,called a balance weight, ...



5-ton(KDJY)and 6-ton(CPCY)all terrain forklifts exported to Mongolia are loaded and delivered

The forklift is four-wheel drive, with customized double row wheels and wide block shelves. Used for border trade between Mongolia and China, loading and unloading empty containers on grassland. KDJY,CPCY 5t forklift all terrain,made in china ...