Custom-made 3-ton 4WD Rough Terrain Forklift – Kaystar Pioneer30

Pioneer30 3t four wheedl drive forklift(4WS) The Kaystar Pioneer30 is a 3-ton four-wheel drive four-wheel steering off-road forklift with a fully enclosed cab, quick-change engineering bucket, three-stage free-lift mast, and sideshifter. This ...



Kaystar Rough Terrain Forklift Factory: Make Your Forklift

Have you ever encountered this problem: your forklift runs well on flat roads, but as soon as it meets muddy, bumpy, steep terrain, it can’t work properly? Do you want a forklift that can adapt to various complex environments, making your logisti...



All-terrain mobile crane- Modification of 4WD forklift

All-terrain mobile crane-3.5t 4x4 forklift This mobile crane is refitted from Pioneer 35 small off-road forklift.In the modification plant, we use the lifting arm to replace the balance weight of the forklift.It has the functions of crane and ...



Forklift Boom- Multipurpose all terrain forklift

Forklift Boom- Multipurpose all terrain forklift A multipurpose all terrain forklift is a type of industrial vehicle that is designed to be able to operate on a variety of different surfaces, including rough terrain. These forklifts typically...