Four-Wheel Drive Chassis (Customized)

The Kaystar four-wheel drive forklift factory can provide customized services for articulated (or integral) heavy machinery four-wheel drive chassis, using diesel engines, hydraulic torque converters, and wheel-side reduction axles. It can...



Training Your Operators to Safely Use 4WD Outdoor Forklifts

If you operate a business that requires moving heavy materials in outdoor environments, you may need to invest in a 4WD outdoor forklift. These machines are designed to handle rough terrain and harsh weather conditions, but they also pose some un...



What are the application scenarios of outdoor forklift?

Outdoor forklifts are typically used in environments where the ground is uneven or rough, such as construction sites, warehouses, and ports. They are designed to handle heavy loads and operate in challenging terrain, and are often used to move ma...



How many kinds of outdoor forklifts are there, let’s find out together

How many kinds of outdoor forklifts are there, let's find out together Can a forklift be used outside? Our common forklifts are used indoors, forklifts in warehouses. When we need to work outdoors, when we need to load, unload and carry hea...