3.5T Rough terrain forklift(KDJY35) 4×4 with Telescopic boom attachment

Kaystar(kaida) 3.5T Rough terrain forklift(KDJY35) 4x4 with Telescopic boom attachment This is the Landtiger35Pro four-wheel drive off-road forklift customized by Kaystar factory for customers. On the basis of the basic configuration, this ...



Multi-purpose four-wheel drive forklift-Small Rotary Excavator

multi-purpose four-wheel drive forklift-small rotary excavator This is a small rotary excavator of the new product of Kaystar multi-purpose four-wheel drive forklift factory. A hydraulic rotary drilling rig is a mechanical device used for d...



Multifunctional All Terrain Forklift-upper clamp,grab,handler

Here are three multi-purpose forklifts,they are multifunctional 4wd All Terrain Forklift.The maximum load is 3.5t, all of which are powered by diesel, and the maximum power can reach 58kw. Multifunctional 4wd All Terrain Forklift -upper clamp...