LandTiger50Pro(KDJY50) 4×4 rough terrain outdoor forklift handler-5Ton

Kaystar LandTiger50Pro(KDJY50) 5t 4x4 rough terrain outdoor forklift handler Kaystar 5 tons articulated four-wheel drive all-terrain forklift truck This is an articulated four-wheel drive outdoor forklift released by Kaystar four-wheel driv...



Why do All-terrain forklifts use diesel as power?

diesel 4x4 forklift -China Kaystar LandTiger50Pro 5t lift truck Forklifts can use a variety of power sources, the following are a few common power sources: 1.Electric forklifts: use batteries as the power source, suitable for indoor use, no...



LandTiger50(KDJY50) Articulated 4WD forklift Customized model

LandTiger50(KDJY50) Articulated 4WD forklift Customized model This is a 4WD all-terrain forklift with a rated load of 5 tons. It is designed with an articulated body. It is equipped with a Chinese-made diesel four-cylinder engine. The output p...