Kaystar Rough Terrain Forklift Factory: Make Your Forklift

Have you ever encountered this problem: your forklift runs well on flat roads, but as soon as it meets muddy, bumpy, steep terrain, it can’t work properly? Do you want a forklift that can adapt to various complex environments, making your logisti...



LandTiger35Pro 3.5t 4wd forklift ejector installed

LandTiger35Pro(KDJY35) 3.5t 4wd off-road forklift ejector installed A forklift ejector is a device used to push goods out of the fork when the forklift is unloading. It is a kind of off-road forklift attachment.It usually consists of two pus...



Kaystar passed ISO9001 certification

The Kaystar company first passed ISO9001 certification in 2001.In line with the purpose of providing high-quality products for customer service, we constantly improve the production process and improve the management level. More certificat...



The Benefits of Using All-Terrain Forklifts on Construction Sites

four wheel drive forklift Having the right equipment on construction sites is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, the right equipment can help improve the efficiency and productivity of construction projects. By having the right tools ...



KDJY35 Rough Terrain Diesel Forklift Factory Picture

Rough Terrain Diesel Forklift KDJY35 Rough Terrain Diesel Forklift Factory Picture,This 3.5t diesel powered off-road forklift has just been assembled and produced. The picture was taken in Kaystar Off road Forklift Factory. This is a heavy ...



Loader-style 4×4 rough terrain Forklift 7716 lbs Capacity(KDJY35)Product Description

Kaida forklift 4x4 off road This is an articulated four-wheel drive forklift, it is a high-chassis rough terrain forklift, with full-time four-wheel drive function, using diesel power, engine emission standards meet local requirements. It uses...