Quick Attached Grab

Quick attached grab for Kaystar 4wd forklift adopts quick interface.Quickly realize the function of multi-purpose four-wheel drive forklift. Four teeth on the top and five teeth on the bottom. Three teeth on the top and four teeth on t...



How to Enhance Your Forklift with a Grab

A quick attached grab is a handy and efficient attachment that can turn your forklift into a powerful grabbing machine. It can help you handle various materials, such as grass, wood, debris, and more. A grab is easy to attach and detach f...



How to Handle Metal Scraps and Biomass with a Custom-made 3.5-ton 4WD Forklift – Kaystar Landtiger35Pro

Metal scraps and biomass are common materials in many industries such as recycling, agriculture, forestry, etc. However, handling these materials can be a difficult task, especially in rough terrain conditions. You need a powerful and flexibl...



Multifunctional All Terrain Forklift-upper clamp,grab,handler

Here are three multi-purpose forklifts,they are multifunctional 4wd All Terrain Forklift.The maximum load is 3.5t, all of which are powered by diesel, and the maximum power can reach 58kw. Multifunctional 4wd All Terrain Forklift -upper clamp...