Specification of 5 Ton Forklift Fly Jib|9.3M Boom

5t forklift fly jib-9.3m The length of the forklift fly jib after it is fully extended:9.3m(9300mm);The length of the fly jib when not extended is 3.2 meters(3200mm). Load:4T(3.2m),600kg(9.3m) Six-section boom,Each arm length is ...



Fly Jib:5-stage telescopic jib(12m)For Kaystar 4×4 Forklift

Are you looking for a versatile and powerful attachment for your Kaystar 4x4 forklift? Do you want to extend your reach and lift capacity to handle different types of loads? If yes, then you need the Fly Jib: 5-Stage Telescopic Jib (12m) for ...



What is a rough terrain forklift boom?

What is a forklift boom? Forklift crane (flying boom crane) is a device that installs a large arm similar to that used on the crane at the front end of the rough terrain forklift, so that the forklift has the function of small crane. This d...