9.3M Fly Jib for 5 Ton Forklift|With Winch

Price of Fly Jib Brands including China’s “JIANGWEI”“BOB-LIFT”, their 5t fly jibs cost around $8,000-15,000.We are a professional factory that produces four-wheel drive forklifts and forklift attachments. One unit is also priced at wholesa...



Forklift Crane(Fly Jib) Is Working On The Construction Site

The picture shows a four-wheel drive forklift produced by China's kaystar factory. It is a 3.5-ton articulated all-terrain forklift.It adopts a diesel four-cylinder engine, four-wheel drive, and a rear-articulated design. A telescopic fork...



Forklift boom-4wd all terrain forklift acceserice

Kaystar forklift boom for sale The Kaystar 4WD forklift is refitted and equipped with a boom for field hoisting and high-altitude operation which is made in china. It can work in a relatively narrow space instead of a crane. It adops semi s...