10000Lbs Forklift Fly Jib Installation Dimensions | Boom Crane | China

How to choose a fly jib This 10,000lbs forklift fly jib crane adopts a mounting design and can be mounted directly to the forklift’s carriage.Compared with another fork sleeve installation method, it has better stability. Installati...



Load Chart Of The 4.5T Fly Jib | Forklift Boom 8M

The maximum extended length of this fly jib is 7.9(8) meters. Installed on a 4.5 ton forklift. It adopts standard installation dimensions and is suitable for forklifts of various brands. Load Chart Of The 4.5T Fly Jib as shown. Its maximum...



4×4 forklifts can also be used as cranes – Kaystar Forklift Boom(Fly Jib)

This diesel powered hydraulic forklift is driven by four wheels with a rated load of 4.5 tons. Kaystar factory has customized a quick installation and removal boom(forklift jib) for customers. This boom has four levels, and the maximum len...