CPCY-3.5t Chinese Rough Terrain Forklift|USA

CPCY-3.5t 4WD forklift for sale|USA Kaida CPCY35 3.5t rough terrain forklift Many American friends are looking for a CPCY35 model rough terrain four-wheel drive forklift. It is a four-wheel drive forklift manufactured by the Kaystar factory...



Reversing monitoring and air conditioning | Optional configurations for four-wheel drive forklifts

When your four-wheel drive outdoor forklift needs to be equipped with a reversing monitoring and air conditioning system, you need to have an enclosed cab. At this time we can install a reversing monitoring and air conditioning system for you...



Comparing wide-view masts and regular masts for rough-terrain forklifts

In the picture is a 3.5-ton articulated four-wheel drive off-road forklift made in China, diesel powered. On the left is a blue articulated four-wheel drive forklift with a ordinary mast.The outer width of the mast is 70cm and the inner wi...



Tips on winter maintenance for internal combustion forklifts!

4WD forklift transmission, torque converter Engine maintenance Replace winter engine oil: In winter, because the viscosity of engine oil decreases, in order to protect the engine, winter engine oil with low viscosity should be replaced. ...



Why You Need the Diesel Dumper Series for Your Construction or Mining Business

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient dumper for your construction or mining projects? Look no further than the Diesel Dumper Series from Our Factory, the leading manufacturer of dump trucks in China. Our Diesel Dumper Series offers...