A custom-made four-ton rough-terrain forklift without counterweights was delivered

This is a diesel forklift with a rated load of 4 tons. It uses a full-time four-wheel drive system with rear-wheel steering. Its standard model is Pioneer40, please refer to the data sheet for details This is an off-road forklift with a...



4×4 forklift with 4m free lift mast customized by China Kaystar forklift factory

Specification: Pioneer45 4.5 tons load,four wheel drive rough terrain Three-stage mast lifts 4.2 meters China Yunnei diesel engine is 77 kilowatts, meeting China's fourth-stage emission standards Pneumatic heavy-duty tire with hi...



Roug terrain forklift accessories-Rotary digging drill

kaystar Roug terrain forklift accessories-Rotary digging drill Kaystar 4WD rough terrain forklift accessories--Rotary digging drill. Use: field excavation and tree planting, carrying wooden piles, stone decoration, electric poles. Confi...



Dalian smelter customized 4WD rough terrain forklift with rotating fork

Kaystar rough terrain forklift attachment - rotating fork Dalian smelter ordered the forklift for production.The rough terrain forklift is equipped with a rotatable fork, which is suitable for pouring and casting in uneven sites.Instead of man...