Testing A New Product |10T Articulated Four-Wheel Drive Forklift

The first 10-ton four-wheel drive forklift In order to meet the needs of customers, Kaystar (kaida) company developed and produced a 10-ton four-wheel drive all-terrain forklift. Testing work is currently underway.What's going on in the pi...



Specification of 4 Ton Forklift Fly Jib|6.6M Boom

3t 4t 5t forklift fly jib for sale The length of the 4-ton forklift fly jib after it is fully extended:6.6m(6600mm);The length of the fly jib when not extended is 2.8 meters(2800mm). Load:3T(2.8m),600kg(6.6m) 4-section boom,...



10000Lbs Forklift Fly Jib Installation Dimensions | Boom Crane | China

How to choose a fly jib This 10,000lbs forklift fly jib crane adopts a mounting design and can be mounted directly to the forklift’s carriage.Compared with another fork sleeve installation method, it has better stability. Installati...



The 9.3 meter fly jib (boom) is installed on the Landtiger35R rear articulated rough terrain forklift

This is a Kaystar 2024 articulated four-wheel drive outdoor forklift. Its model is Landtiger35R, with a rated load of 3.5 tons. It adopts a rear-articulation and rear-steering design. The body is short, the ride is smooth, and the operation i...



Customized Small Four-Wheel Drive Mobile Crane

The Pioneer series is optional as the chassis of the all-terrain mobile crane (the Landtiger series is not recommended) The boom can be selected from 8 meters to 15 meters(5T to 10T). If you need this kind of four-wheel drive small cran...



Fly Jib:5-stage telescopic jib(12m)For Kaystar 4×4 Forklift

Are you looking for a versatile and powerful attachment for your Kaystar 4x4 forklift? Do you want to extend your reach and lift capacity to handle different types of loads? If yes, then you need the Fly Jib: 5-Stage Telescopic Jib (12m) for ...



Forklift Truck-Mounted Cranes: A Versatile Solution for Loading and Unloading in Various Terrains and Locations

What is a forklift truck crane? Forklift truck crane is a kind of hoisting equipment assembled on a forklift truck, which can realize the lifting, turning and transportation of goods.It is a multifunctional special vehicle integrating hois...



Telescopic boom-Small rough terrain forklift attachment

Telescopic boom-Small rough terrain forklift attachment The picture is a kaystar articulated 5 ton small rough terrain forklift. It is fitted with a simple jib (fly jib) This is a two-stage telescopic boom with a maximum length of 3-4 meter...



Forklift Boom- Multipurpose all terrain forklift

Forklift Boom- Multipurpose all terrain forklift A multipurpose all terrain forklift is a type of industrial vehicle that is designed to be able to operate on a variety of different surfaces, including rough terrain. These forklifts typically...



Forklift boom-4wd all terrain forklift acceserice

Kaystar forklift boom for sale The Kaystar 4WD forklift is refitted and equipped with a boom for field hoisting and high-altitude operation which is made in china. It can work in a relatively narrow space instead of a crane. It adops semi s...



Solid tire or pneumatic tire for rough terrain forklift?

Solid tire or pneumatic tire for forklift? Many people know that the tires of rough terrain fork lifts are divided into solid tires, semi-solid tires and pneumatic tires, but they don't know what are the differences between these three tires? ...