Kaystar Pioneer35A small 4×4 forklift Operation Guide

Cab picture of off-road forklift-CPCY35 small 4x4 forklift Operation Guide Pioneer35A(CPCY35)-Kaystar's latest mini off-road forklift in 2023 has a rated load of 3.5 tons. The appearance and size of this all terrain forklift are very small.It ...



All terrain counterbalance forklift,2023 CPCY35 4wd rough terrain forklift

All terrain counterbalance forklift,CPCY 4x4 4wd forklift Counterbalanced forklift, there is a heavy cast iron block at the rear of this type of forklift, which is used as a balance weight when the vehicle forks goods,called a balance weight, ...



5-ton(KDJY)and 6-ton(CPCY)all terrain forklifts exported to Mongolia are loaded and delivered

The forklift is four-wheel drive, with customized double row wheels and wide block shelves. Used for border trade between Mongolia and China, loading and unloading empty containers on grassland. KDJY,CPCY 5t forklift all terrain,made in china ...



Solid tire or pneumatic tire for rough terrain forklift?

Solid tire or pneumatic tire for forklift? Many people know that the tires of rough terrain fork lifts are divided into solid tires, semi-solid tires and pneumatic tires, but they don't know what are the differences between these three tires? ...