Common brake failure cases in winter|Forklift|Loader

Load/Forklift Air storage tank The picture above shows the air tank (high pressure air) of a loader forklift.It is an important part of the braking system. The engine generates compressed air and stores it in this air tank. The compressed air ...



Troubleshooting of brakes on articulated four-wheel drive forklifts

This process is used to deal with the failure of brake loss and brake lock.This troubleshooting process is suitable for all small four-wheel drive off-road forklifts and loaders made in China. Let’s first take a look at the braking system of t...



How a Loader (Articulated Outdoor Forklift) Brake Pump Works and Why It Matters

A loader (articulated outdoor forklift) brake pump is a hydraulic pump that provides brake hydraulic oil to the loader. It is driven by high-pressure air generated by the engine’s high-pressure air pump. The output oil pressure of the loader ...