How much is a YingFa YFC35 Rough terrain forklift|Russia

How much is a YingFa YFC35 all wheel drice loader in Russia?Let’s find out together. It can be found on the Russian dealer website that its price is 2.6 million rubles, which is approximately US$28,300. It adopts a Quanchai V27 engine w...



Kaystar Rough Terrain Forklift Factory: Make Your Forklift

Have you ever encountered this problem: your forklift runs well on flat roads, but as soon as it meets muddy, bumpy, steep terrain, it can’t work properly? Do you want a forklift that can adapt to various complex environments, making your logisti...



Free air off-road forklift tires-solid tire

Free air off-road forklift tires-solid tire The optional configuration of the Kaystar small off-road forklift - solid tires, which are made of special solid rubber, and the middle interlayer contains nylon and steel wire.It has the characteris...



All-terrain mobile crane- Modification of 4WD forklift

All-terrain mobile crane-3.5t 4x4 forklift This mobile crane is refitted from Pioneer 35 small off-road forklift.In the modification plant, we use the lifting arm to replace the balance weight of the forklift.It has the functions of crane and ...