The Benefits of Using 4WD All-Terrain Forklifts in Construction and Mining

China KAIDA KDJY35 4WD LIFT TRUCK All-terrain forklifts are becoming increasingly popular in construction and mining sites due to their versatility and ability to navigate rough terrain with ease. Here are some of the key benefits of using all...



6000 lb small 4×4 rough terrain forklift-Kaystar Pioneer35A

6000 lb small 4x4 rough terrain forklift-Kaystar Pioneer35A This is a small four-wheel drive forklift newly released by Kaystar Heavy Industry Machinery Factory, with a rated load of 3-3.7 tons and a diesel high-power four-cylinder engine. ...



How to choose the best all terrain forklift?

How to choose the best all terrain forklift? Differences between 2wd forklift and 4 wheel drive rough terrain forklift To summarize, the main differences between a 2WD forklift and a 4WD rough terrain forklift are: 2WD forklifts are des...