Which is more durable, spherical bearings or nylon sleeves?

Which is more durable, spherical bearings or nylon sleeves? Small articulated loaders and forklifts can use two different technologies in the articulating system. One is a combination of articulated shafts and spherical bearings. The other ...



How Kaystar Heavy Industries Customized a 3.5-ton Articulated Four-Wheel Drive Forklift for Its African Customers

Kaystar Heavy Industries is a leading manufacturer of forklifts and other heavy-duty vehicles in China. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality, durable, and versatile forklifts that can meet the needs of various customers and...



Kaystar Landtiger Series Articulated Four-Wheel Drive Forklift Pneumatic Tire 16/70-24

If you are looking for a pneumatic tire that fits 5-ton and 6-ton articulated four-wheel drive forklifts, then the 16/70-24 model from the Kaystar Landtiger series might be your best choice. This tire has the following features: High stren...



Loader-style 4×4 rough terrain Forklift 7716 lbs Capacity(KDJY35)Product Description

Kaida forklift 4x4 off road This is an articulated four-wheel drive forklift, it is a high-chassis rough terrain forklift, with full-time four-wheel drive function, using diesel power, engine emission standards meet local requirements. It uses...