Application of four-wheel drive forklift | Moving and loading cotton bales in cotton fields

The Kaystar(Kaida forklift) small four-wheel drive forklift is an all-terrain forklift suitable for working in cotton fields. The fork in the picture is specially designed for loading cotton bales. The efficiency of handling and loa...



How to Enhance Your Forklift with a Grab

A quick attached grab is a handy and efficient attachment that can turn your forklift into a powerful grabbing machine. It can help you handle various materials, such as grass, wood, debris, and more. A grab is easy to attach and detach f...



Meet the Kaystar Landtiger35: A Customized Off-Road Forklift for Tough Terrain

If you are looking for a forklift that can handle any terrain, you might want to check out the Kaystar Landtiger35. This is a customized off-road forklift made by a Chinese four-wheel drive forklift factory for their customer. It has a rated ...



The Advantages of 4WD Outdoor Forklifts for Agriculture and Farming

In agriculture and farming, using forklifts can increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the risk of manual labor. Forklifts can easily move heavy objects and equipment, reducing the risk of manual labor. Additionally, using forklifts ...



Diesel tricycle converted into sprinkler – landscaping road cleaning machinery

Diesel tricycle converted into sprinkler - landscaping road cleaning machinery This sprinkler is refitted from a diesel tricycle.This is also a product of Kaystar's partner, which mainly produces four-wheel drive tractors, diesel three-wheel ...



Kaystar Pioneer35A small 4×4 forklift Operation Guide

Cab picture of off-road forklift-CPCY35 small 4x4 forklift Operation Guide Pioneer35A(CPCY35)-Kaystar's latest mini off-road forklift in 2023 has a rated load of 3.5 tons. The appearance and size of this all terrain forklift are very small.It ...



All terrain counterbalance forklift,2023 CPCY35 4wd rough terrain forklift

All terrain counterbalance forklift,CPCY 4x4 4wd forklift Counterbalanced forklift, there is a heavy cast iron block at the rear of this type of forklift, which is used as a balance weight when the vehicle forks goods,called a balance weight, ...



Multifunctional All Terrain Forklift-upper clamp,grab,handler

Here are three multi-purpose forklifts,they are multifunctional 4wd All Terrain Forklift.The maximum load is 3.5t, all of which are powered by diesel, and the maximum power can reach 58kw. Multifunctional 4wd All Terrain Forklift -upper clamp...



Kaystar heavy industry was invited to participate in 2019 China (Qingdao) International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

From October 30 to November 1, 2019, China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition co-sponsored by China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association, China Agricultural Mechanization Association and China Agricultural Machinery Ind...