Pioneer-70 4WD Rough Terrain Forklift

Kaystar Pioneer Series 7-ton Rough Terrain Forklift(4WD) Diesel power,four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, solid tires. 6-ton and 7-ton four-wheel drive off-road forklifts are customized products, please Contact Us for detailed consulta...



A 7-Ton 4WD Outdoor Forklift with a Bucket: How It Works and What It Can Do

7-Ton All-Terrain 4x4 Forklift with a Bucket-Kaystar KDJY Forklift Picture Kaystar Customizes an Articulated 4WD Rough Terrain Forklift with a Bucket for a Client. Kaystar factory is a leading manufacturer of four-wheel drive forklifts in C...