4×4 forklift with 4m free lift mast customized by China Kaystar forklift factory

Specification: Pioneer45 4.5 tons load,four wheel drive rough terrain Three-stage mast lifts 4.2 meters China Yunnei diesel engine is 77 kilowatts, meeting China's fourth-stage emission standards Pneumatic heavy-duty tire with hi...



Free air off-road forklift tires-solid tire

Free air off-road forklift tires-solid tire The optional configuration of the Kaystar small off-road forklift - solid tires, which are made of special solid rubber, and the middle interlayer contains nylon and steel wire.It has the characteris...



Forklift Attachment:Quick Change Bucket Introduction

Forklift Quick Change Bucket Introduction A forklift bucket is a type of attachment that can be added to the forks of a forklift truck. It is typically used for tasks such as loading and unloading materials from trucks, moving piles of loose m...



Three stage free lift mast for Kaystar P35A all terrain fork truck

Three stage free lift mast for kaystar P35A all terrain fork truck A three stage free lift mast is a type of mast that is used on all terrain forklifts, also known as off-road forklifts. This type of mast is typically used on heavy-duty indust...



Multifunctional All Terrain Forklift-upper clamp,grab,handler

Here are three multi-purpose forklifts,they are multifunctional 4wd All Terrain Forklift.The maximum load is 3.5t, all of which are powered by diesel, and the maximum power can reach 58kw. Multifunctional 4wd All Terrain Forklift -upper clamp...



4×4 forklifts can also be used as cranes – Kaystar Forklift Boom(Fly Jib)

This diesel powered hydraulic forklift is driven by four wheels with a rated load of 4.5 tons. Kaystar factory has customized a quick installation and removal boom for customers. This boom has four levels, and the maximum length is 7 meter...



Multifunctional forklift(4×4)loader for sale,China Kaystar rough terrain forklift factory

Multifunctional forklift(4x4)loader for sale,China kaystar rough terrain forklift factory This is a diesel powered four-wheel drive forklift.It is a high chassis off-road forklift with a chassis height of 28cm and excellent trafficability. T...



Rotary grass grabber -kaystar customized for customers 4×4 forklift and attachments(accessories)

Rotary grass grabber -kaystar customized for customers 4x4 forklift and attachments(accessories) Kaystar customized Rotary grass grabber for 4x4 all terrain forklift. This forklift attachment can rotate 360 degrees, and is as flexible a...



Solid tire or pneumatic tire for rough terrain forklift?

Solid tire or pneumatic tire for forklift? Many people know that the tires of rough terrain fork lifts are divided into solid tires, semi-solid tires and pneumatic tires, but they don't know what are the differences between these three tires? ...